HUE Gallery of Contemporary Art HUE Gallery of Contemporary Art

History of HUE Gallery

HUE Gallery of Contemporary Art was established in 2014, by Sean Christopher Ward and Lindy Wiese, to bring works of art from local, regional and national artists to the heartland, with our Commerce Street location, a major hub in the arts in Wichita, Kansas.  Throughout our five years on Commerce Street, we exhibited over 500 artists from all over the world!

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New location, new mission

Initially, we were closing down the gallery permanently, but Sean Christopher Ward decided to continue the legacy of HUE at a brand new location!

Now part of the STUDIO|SCHOOL collection of 20 studios, we are bringing the gallery to one of these studios, so that the visitors of the Studio|School will now have two opportunities to view gallery exhibitions whenever they visit, alongside the potential of 19 other artist's studios when they are open to the public.  Overall, it speaks wonders to the ideals Sean has in the arts community, about working together for the greater good of everyone.

Mission Statement

HUE Gallery's mission is to exhibit cutting edge works in new and flourishing mediums from artists coast to coast.  We only display 2D works, digital mediums and installation/immersive exhibitions.  With 10 exhibitions per year, and a bi-weekly concert series, Sunset Shows, we will be giving Wichita an alternative perspective to explore the arts!