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Immersed in Artwork – International Call For Entry – CALL FOR ENTRY DUE @ HUE Gallery of Contemporary Art
May 1 all-day

I’m trying something brand new this year with the “Immersed in Artwork” international call for entry juried exhibition.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step into your artwork? Well, that’s what this exhibition is all about! Through my gained knowledge of projection mapping and my 10+ years in graphic design, I will be recreating every accepted artwork into a projection mapped display, where your artwork will be projected on all four sides of the gallery.

That seems cool, but where’s the kicker? Every entry will be designated with a number, and the guests of the exhibition can pay $5 and choose a number from the rolling slideshow of artworks rotating around the gallery. Once they choose that artwork’s number, it will then become the entire gallery for 1 minute. Upon conclusion, it will go back to the rotating display and the next choice will be available to choose!

So, how does the artist win the CASH prize? By having their artwork selected the most for display over the month of June! That will take you, the artist, bringing in anyone you desire to the show and marketing your work to the best of your ability!

The more works selected, the higher the cash prize will be! It depends solely on you, the artist, to win the prize and make the prize the highest it can be!

This is also a great opportunity for an artist that only wants to see their artwork immersed throughout the entire space for marketing purposes!

It’s going to be one heck of a show!

Every entry is $20, which is used to pay for the graphic designers to create these projection mapped displays. You can submit as many entries as you want, each entry will require a separate submission form. This is a juried call for entry, but all entries that are seen as consistent with HUE Gallery’s format of curation will be accepted.

Use the following Jotform to submit your entry:

If you have any questions, contact me at

Projection Mapping Throwdown – International Call For Entry – CALL FOR ENTRY DUE @ HUE Gallery of Contemporary Art
Jul 1 all-day

It’s time for something incredibly fun! Let’s have a projection mapping throw down at HUE Gallery!

What is a projection mapping throw down?

We give you the canvas (THE ENTIRE SPACE!) for you to create a 5-10 minute projection mapped experience on the (4) 10’ tall x 50’ wide walls! This can utilize any method of projection mapping and if you are needing props or wall displayed installed, we just need to know in the initial plan, as each artist will have 10 minutes, then there will be a 5-10 minute wait between displays for the next mapping to be established.

You can only submit 1 plan, and they are due on July 1, 2020. Entry is $20. All entry fees will go towards the CASH PRIZE for the people’s choice winner!

Submit your entry here: