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Juan Jose Hoyos Quiles

I was born in Brooklyn, New York and attended The School of Visual Arts, NYC from 1979 to 1982 where I studied under Elizabeth Murray, Keith Sonnier, Raphael Ferrer, Lucio Pozzi and Nachume Miller among others. Unfortunately at the time, art school did not teach you how to make money from fine art making. Therefore I was forced to make a living by working for several decades in business management for several large companies in law, accounting and telecommunications. Finally freed from money constraints in 2011 with early retirement, I’m now dedicated to painting full time.

Moving to Tampa, Florida in 2014 and now living and working in Clearwater, Florida since 2016, I’m an abstract geometric painter and also work in digitally manipulated abstract photography. My work has been evolving and transforming over a number of years and has fluctuated back and forth among different ideas and stylistic abstract modes. At this point I refer to my work as Neo Geometric Minimalism.

From time to time I will produce a painting in the Signal Series, which are graphic based works influenced by signage, traffic, movement, tracks, flags, color juxtaposition, rhythm, patterns and the grid.

As a painter I work within the confines of a rectangular or square plane, that being a canvas or paper which is then placed flat against a wall. Obviously this shape determines whatever is on or within it. Usually starting with a grid in pencil, I intuitively start creating spatial reference points favoring straight lines and hard edges though not precisely based on any mathematical or scientific principles. Line, form and planes of color are the building blocks of my work. The work is concrete, distilled and austere depending on a strong figure/ground relationship and color juxtaposition . I work with a mixture of acrylic paint, matte medium and gesso on canvas or paper, giving my work a matte flat finish similar to gouache paint and creating the great depth of color that I prefer.

The two biggest influences on my current work are the Dutch painter and architect Theo van Doesburg from the 1930’s and the American painter David Novros murals and paintings from the 1970’s.

On occasion I divert, appropriate, remix different abstract styles into a new painting, collage or drawing. My intentions are to force a new dialogue inherent to abstraction that started in the early 1900’s and continues to be relevant to this day.

I have exhibited in a variety of group shows in New York City, including Kenkeleba Gallery and Caidoz Gallery. Most recently at Stirling Art Gallery, Dunedin, FL, Summer Camp For Masterpieces. My work is in many private collections in the U.S. and Europe

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