Sean Christopher Ward

Sean Christopher Ward

Acrylic Painter, Graphic Designer, Photographer

Artist Biography

Over the last 25 years of my life, I have been injected into art courses on a non-stop basis to bring me to the point I am at today. It has been rough, considering I have learned techniques for over 10 different types of artwork, at minimum. Though, throughout this journey, which involved a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and a nearly completed Bachelor’s in Studio Arts, it has kept me thinking solely about art and how I can create my own style to not fit into the market, but stand out from it. So, now, years later, I am a successful artist in the field of acrylic painting, with over 160 sales just in 2016 to clients all over the United States and Japan. All while maintaining a contemporary art gallery back in Wichita, Kansas, in order to exude the mantra that art feeds the soul and everyone has the opportunity to share this vision with the world, they just need a stage to do so.   So, with accepting new artists from all over the country, month after month, I began learning more and more into, “what is art?” and how can I stand out? That is when my style took off and I found the perfect mixture of my digital techniques along with traditional application and painting to create the current series, “Fading Identities,” “White Space Designs” and “Psychedelic Inspirations.” Through these series, you will see the optimization of utilizing digital media alongside traditional, in order to create paintings that not only stick out crisply like a graphic online, but also have depth and character of letting the paint determine how the final piece will be optically felt by the viewer.

Artist Statement

Throughout time, there has been individuality. Throughout time, there have been individuals that stand out among the crowd for their ideas, for their actions, for their achievements… Yet, over time, the memorized image of these individuals begins to fade. My abstracted portrait series, entitled, “Fading Identities” is a homage to these individuals and reminds people that the general characteristics of a person is all you need to remember their identity and what they stood for. From one angle it might look like they are a faded mess. While gazing at the subject from different angles, they look clear as day, yet, they are still the same un-changing individual. This is the basis of memories, and that is what this series is an homage to that.

My next series of work, entitled, “White Space Designs” is about capturing moments of design with the tools of paint and knife. As you may have noticed, I have been in the field of graphic design for many years now, and throughout this journey, you gain a knowledge and understanding about what is popular in design, and what helps contort the mind to seeing what you want it to see. For example, in advertisements every little detail from the size and hierarchy of the text, to the placement of graphics, to the implied nature of line work… It is all there for one person, to guide the viewer’s eyes and bring them into the ad. In the art world, this can be portrayed all the same. In this series, I utilize placement of design elements, and popular culture references, to guide the viewer into the mind of a designer and what it means to utilize contrasting and complementary color palettes cohesively, to accent the basis and dramatic nature of the designs themselves, without complicating the entire image with a blast of color and design, the minimalistic nature of white balances the designs to allow energy to flow freely without overburdening the viewer’s optics.

My third body of work, In “Psychedelic Inspiration” I utilize a mixture of op art techniques and short quotes to create colorful and optically active paintings that collectors can use as a means of inspiration in their homes or offices. Some quotes are strong and foul, while others are soft and sweet. Upon hanging the piece, you will notice three major characteristics. First off, upon looking directly at the painting from a close view, you will notice nothing more than a colorful box with shuttering lines in the middle, upon viewing from an angle, or from farther back, the text will mysteriously appear. What statement do you need in your life to appear when you need it most? Or would you rather just utilize the hidden nature of the painting and boldly state what has been on your mind? These paintings allow freedom of speech while still camouflaging the intention of the statement into the beauty of a painting.