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Sean Christopher Ward

I have been in the field of fine arts since I was five years young, studying under numerous instructors, organizations and with the help of my very artistic family.  Beginning my life as an artist, I have always been incredibly focused on geometric artwork.  I would spend many days at home using those niche rulers with all the shapes over them to create complex compositions day after day.  It was almost like I was addicted to making shapes.  Now, twenty five years later, I am still doing the same thing, but to a much more professional degree with the help of programs like Adobe Illustrator, tape and a very steady hand to paint with.  You will notice when you see my works in person, I do not solely stick to super-flat design, but rather, I am intrigued by dimensionality and layers as of lately.  Some of my works can get as thick as 1-2″ of resin and paint to create beautiful compositions!

As stated before, since a young age I have been formally trained in the arts, but I am happy to say I was also classically trained by obtained a degree in Graphic Design from Wichita State University.  This has kept my approach to the arts very focused on self improvement and development, so every few years I try to change and improve my stylistic approach with something similar to my body of work, yet improved from my years of research in the subject manner.

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