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Cornell Bell-Steele

Early in my career, i began as an abstract artist. This was partially inspiring, but then I found true inspiration in artists like Alec Monopoly and King Saladeen, which showed me that there a platform for artists to utilize outsider pop icons, from saturday morning cartoons to sunday funnies, and that is when my career began to really take shape. Then, every time I would walk by any graffiti, no matter if it was spray painted on a wall or painted on directly on canvas, I would get a growing desire to start creating works like this myself, and not follow all the norms of society. Add a desire to create very bright, design-oriented work, that is created to raise the vibes within a space, and that is when I began my journey to help color the soul with my art. Over the journey of creating works and adding in more and different mediums, spray paint, acrylic paint or any other artist-quality material i can find… I create the vibrant works you see today.

From about the age of 5, I had a very strong bond with my father who would draw out of the funnies from the sunday newspaper. Constantly, I was fascinated by the works he was producing, and after numerous attempts to sway his mind into creating art for me, he let me have the news boldly… it was time for me to create my own art and start using my imagination. Upon his passing, I have continued our family legacy and have been using his motivation to belt out as much as I can create.

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