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Solo Exhibition by Carly Witmer

May 26 - June 24

In the moment that I noticed it, maybe for the first time, I was struck by the realization that the spots of colored light bouncing around the room were coming from a clear glass ornament dangling from the window lock. Rainbows materialized magically out of a state of colorless-ness. I cannot remember exactly how old I was, and I cannot express the exact thought, but a great sense of mystery took root in my life at that moment. A deep yearning to create a dense and lush atmosphere within the surface of a painting continues to inspire the direction of Prismatic Paintings as a body of work. The paintings are developed through their attempt to pull light into themselves, especially when they are full of darkness; they also offer to return light from within layers of color. The paints are custom-mixed using pure pigments and acrylic mediums for a precise measure of color and transparency. The use of metallic elements, along with many varieties of glitter suspended in multiple pours of sanded resin, conspire to manipulate light on and within the painting. They promote a surface dynamism that subtly belies the 2-dimensional nature of the work. The Prismatic Painting series will continue to grow in numbers as they evidence a heartfelt intellectual pursuit of the unknown. They are how I learn everything I don’t know.


Sean C Ward


HUE Gallery
430 South Commerce, Suite 200
Wichita, KS 67202 United States
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