HUE Gallery of Contemporary Art HUE Gallery of Contemporary Art
Aesthesia – The Immersive Experience – Opening Event @ HUE Gallery of Contemporary Art
Oct 4 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

By Ashley G. Garner
Audio by Aluria
Production Assistance by Alex Jaramillo, Nicole Absher, and Ben Cawiezell
ÆSTHESIA is a multi-sensory body of work that explores the therapeutic benefits of nature through sight, sound, scent, and taste.
Studies have proven that when we spend 3-5 minutes simply looking at an image of nature, hearing their sounds, or smelling their aroma’s, blood pressure begins to lower, muscle tension relaxes, anxiety is alleviated and has shown to lead to shorter hospital stays, lower needs for medication, and help with depression.
Can experiencing specific plants on different sensory levels such as sight, sound, scent, and taste, have other physiological healing benefits? Do different plants heal us in different ways – such as the sound of Daisies, the sight of an Orchid, or the scent of a Morning Glory? If these different sensory experiences of each plant are combined, what would happen? This is what ÆSTHESIA explores through the lens of different plants, first beginning with six of the most commonly used flowers in the medicinal community: Lavender, Chamomile, Tiger Lily, Marigold, Wild Rose, and Echinacea.

This is the first exhibition in the new HUE space, so we figured October First Friday is an ideal date to start the show!

WunderCube – Early Preview Event @ HUE Gallery of Contemporary Art
Oct 19 @ 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm



In anticipation for it’s debut in Washington D.C., I am having an early preview in Wichita for friends and family.

The event allows 150 entries, with tickets, to experience the cube over a 6 hour period. The tickets are not sold, they were given out at HUE Gallery of Contemporary Art‘s “Swan Song” exhibition and to patrons of Sean Christopher Ward and Gerard Wellemeyer. There are still approximately 30 tickets left which will be given to select collectors and patrons of the program.

The event is currently being planned out, but I will likely have some musicians playing during the day event and turn it into a nice social event!